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Brian L. Burke Professional Artist

Karma Pimp is an enigma.

Founded by Brian Burke, A local Classically Trained Fine artist epitomizing a certain level of cool, which helped paved the way to his modest success as a Denver designer, Painter, and mural artist.. 

Karma Pimp is best known for his bright colors, textures, Extreme Details, and strange subject matter. Humorious, Serious and Fun al at the same time


With a focus on fine art, street art, and murals, He has been able to produce hundreds of painting enjoyed by folks all over the world. 

Karma Pimp is located in Denver, Colorado and his unique creations have been spotted from Brisbane Australia to Finland, Fort Collins to Denver. His Artwork has been shown  throughout the world.

His work was once called "Paintings a Blind Person can love..." by a guy who happened to be walking by when Karma Pimp was Painting a Purple Octopus Mural. ∆

High Quality Paintings & Murals that are Powerfully Engaging.

Karma Pimp is a professional artist serving the Denver Metro area specializing in unique and specialized art that visually stimulates the mind. Brian Burge, the founder and owner of Karma Pimp has been involved in the art world for over three decades with experience in all aspects of art ranging from sketches to masterfully completed paintings with the creation of over 2500 paintings throughout Brian’s art career.

Karma Pimp Has a Large Selection of Paintings

Karma Pimp has a large selection of paintings and drawings that can liven up any environment. Looking at Karma Pimps online art showroom, one can see that we have a drawing or painting for an audience seeking to be visually stimulated with a unique, eye catching line of art and drawings.

Order Karma Pimp Tailored Art for Those that Want a Painting Created Based on Your Vision.

Order Your own Custom Artwork from Karma Pimp

If you have an idea of what you want your paint to be, and want to make that vision a reality, Karma Pimp can create a painting that places that vision on paper making your vision a tangible reality.

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